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At PVG, we take just as much thought and care in choosing our strains as we do in growing them. There are numerous factors that go into the decision of what strains to cultivate. Scientific factors, such as terpene and cannabinoid profiles play a large role in this process. Other more traditional assessments, like taste, smell, visual appeal and effect, are important as well. Take a look at the current strains available in our gardens.




black cherry cheesecake

Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

GENETICS | Black Cherry Soda X Exodus Cheese X Super Silver Haze

SMELL | This strain has a very unique aroma. Some describe it as a mix of a fruity, berry aroma with a very distinct cheese undertone.

LOOK | Very colorful buds! Dominant dark purple colors are visible with bright orange hairs and vibrant greens.

EFFECT | This sativa dominant hybrid provides a very balanced and functional effect. The high amounts of caryophyllene in the terpene analysis shows that this strain is great for helping anxiety, stress and depression. Another unique quality of caryophyllene is that it attaches to the CB2 receptor, which helps to counteract the feeling of being “too high” or “paranoid”.

og jones

Hybrid – Indica leaning

GENETICS | OG Chem X Casey Jones

SMELL | A truly rare combination of terpenes makes this flower smell like no other.  We’ve heard teriyaki. Some have mentioned leftover Chinese takeout. Connoisseur Genetics describes it as delightful chemmy kush funky rotten smells so nasty you’ll love them. We would have to agree with that.

LOOK | Big beautiful green nugs which are super dense and shining with thrichomes.

EFFECT | This strain provides an indica dominant stone that has a unique creative aspect, making her a pleasure to consume.

goji og

Hybrid – Sativa leaning

GENETICS | Nepali OG X Snow Lotus

SMELL | Many describe this strain as a fruity, creamy, vanilla smelling OG powerhouse. Bodhi seeds did an excellent job with this hybrid cross.

LOOK | Beautiful lime green nugs coated in trichomes with a distinct OG bud structure.  This strain is definitely a looker and will surely catch your eye in a display at any dispensary.

EFFECT | A very strong hybrid that will send you soaring with motivation and energy. Goji is perfect for great morning or mid day enjoyment. Many keep it as a staple in their lineup.