growing processes

What method(s) do you use to grow your cannabis?

At PV Gardens, we believe that different methods of growing cannabis produce different results. For this reason, we implore methods such as strictly organic cultivation under the Oregon Sun and indoor production using both coco and pure hydroponic methodologies. We find that the combination of these methods allows us to provide an unmatched value to our partners and consumers.


What is CANNefficiency?

CANNefficiency is our method of utilizing common industrial, commercial and agricultural efficiency improvement techniques to maximize the value of materials, resources, time and money in commercial cannabis cultivation.

How do you use your plants more efficiently?

At PV Gardens, we always consider efficiency as it relates to the cannabis plant, the carbon footprint/energy used to produce the plant and the resources needed to do so with quality, care and responsibility.

As a result, we practice utilization of all parts of the cannabis plant after harvest. This includes the fan leaves, stems, roots and leftover soil medium.  Fan leaves and stems hold a great deal of nutritious value. Leftover roots and soil serve as great organic fertilizer for fresh soil, top feeding and bio-teas.

How do you manage energy and resources?

To reduce our carbon footprint and electrical load, we employ common industrial and commercial energy efficient products and practices. Products, such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs),  energy efficient equipment, smart meters and intelligent software keeps us in the know about our energy usage and how to improve it.  

Resources, such as labor and nutrients are among the greatest costs of most cultivation facilities. Efficiency improvements here are likely to not only improve the bottom line of a production business, but also to increase quality of product. That’s right, less can equal more. For example, allowing cultivation specialists to focus more value-added duties instead of tasks that can be easily automated and monitored can greatly increase the quality and yield of one’s product.


How do you choose the types of cannabis you grow?

One amazing aspect of cannabis today, is its seeming unlimited different varieties. This is a great thing, but we often don’t take time to understand the true value of the unique strains we grow and experience.

Factors such as THC and CBD percentage have recently played a great role in the selection process. However, this is only one small part of this wondrous plant. At least equally important, we believe, is the terpene profile of a cannabis product. This gives great insight into the smell, taste and especially the effect of cannabis.

At PV Gardens, we select our strains based on all of the scientific information available. This gives us the ability to identify strains that are pleasing and effective.  There are a few staples in our strain lineup, though we are constantly searching for new genetics worthy enough to bring to the people.

Are your strains available in the edible form?

Yes, we work closely with Chef Tyler at Panacea Valley Gourmet Edibles to create fresh, strain specific and delicious garden to medible treats. Check them out at PVG Edibles.com!

Are your strains available in concentrate/oil form?

Yes, our flower is available in concentrate form. Check with one of our dispensary partners. 

Where can I find PVG Products?

Our products are available at our retail partner locations listed on the Contact Us page.